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Welcome. If you have found this you have stumbled upon my newest creative endeavor…a crafty, sewing, photo, foodie blog. Honestly this blog will be 80% sewing and haphazardly percentages of all the rest but it will be fun no matter what. Here’s a bit about your humble host. Do come back soon, and bring people with you….I just love company.

Name: Momma, Mommie, Mom but to anyone over 3 feet tall I am called Donya

Current occupation: Stay at home Mom to the aforementioned short people and when they sleep I am a blogger, seamstress, small business owner, secret superhero, trying to put to good use all those degrees I spent so many hours and so much of my parents money earning.

How I become so crafty: Well from a young age I had this power over people to get them to…..oh wait you mean ARTSY crafty…oh well that all began when our 1st born came along 3 years ago. I was running us into debt buying all these wonderfully adorable clothes she wore for all of 10 minutes and these great little knick knacks to put around the house and her room when one day I figured, “Hey I can make this kind of stuff”. So I learned how and now I do. (BTW, the other kind of crafty can’t be taught, it’s a born with ya kind of thing)

Where do I find the time for this stuff: 2AM is a favorite hour of mine. No seriously, I do lots of things while The Elder A, that’s my first born’s secret bloggy nickname, naps or is in pre-school or on weekends when she and Daddy are having Daddy/Daughter days. I use any spare moment I have to look for new patterns, new recipes, new anything. You can cram alot of stuff into 24 hours if you don’t sleep….really you can.

Why the blog is called keeps me in stitches: That’s easy, because my life keeps me in stitches. My daughter is a comedic genius, my husband can be very witty when he wants to be and the dog….well you know canines. The fact is if you had told me in my Junior year at The University of Alabama, ROLL TIDE, that this would be my life someday, I would have laughed…hard…in your face. I never wanted marriage, kids, dogs, none of this. I was moving far away from the South and the white picket fences it came with, but as we all know Fate is a tricky trickster. I met this boy, future witty husband, who made me suddenly want all the things I never thought I did, picket fence and all. So the fact that this is my life, and that I love it more than I ever knew I could want or love anything is well… comical. “This is not the plan I had for my life, that’s how I know it is exactly where I am supposed to be”. -me

What else do I love besides right brain craftiness: I love, with an unnatural love, The University of Alabama Crimson Tide Football. I love lots of sports but this one CONSUMES my life from August to December. I also love shoes…oh how I love shoes. I have tiny little child feet, even at the age of almost 30,  so when I find cute shoes that fit I buy one in every color. Books and music are really important to me too. I really enjoy reading, when I can and we always have music pumping in our house so if you have suggestions for books or tunes pass them on.

Do I really talk this much in real life: Yes, yes I do.

So tell me what you want to see/know/learn/discuss. I have lots of ideas for posts but would love to hear from you guys and gals about what is on your mind. So bring on the comments and suggestions. Thanks for visiting.

That’s all for now. Peace out and see ya soon.



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  1. […] all I could think of is “Great now what am I going to wear tomorrow?” As you know from reading my earlier post I am a HUGE nay, COLOSSAL fan of Alabama Football and this Saturday was the spring football […]

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  3. Football only consumes you from August to December? I thought you were a real fan like us 😉

    • It CONSUMES me from August to Dec. I am able to function around it from Jan-July. You know better than anyone we plan our lives around it from Aug-Dec.

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