An update…

I like to consider myself a proper Southern lady…most of the time (if I am in Bryant Denny stadium during an Alabama Football game all bets are off). My Momma always taught me if you are wrong fess up and face the music because in her own words, “God don’t like ugly”.

So I must amend my post So here we are to give credit where credit is due. In the section where I talk about why I called the blog keeps me in stitches I fail to mention where the original name came from. My dear friend, Taylor, gave me the name suggestion and I knew it was just right to describe not only the blog but my life in general. So after a pitiful phone call from him yesterday I am letting the bloggy world know it was not I who came up with the title it was my, direct quote from Taylor here, “very talented writer friend, whom I met in college, who currently lives in NYC and is writing a kick-butt stage production and is painfully single and a nice guy, who is above average in intelligence, clean cut and enjoys long walks on the beach.”

So I hope this appeases one Writer Person Taylor and I hope he can now wipe the sad puppy dog look off his face and crawl out of bed. Thank you all for indulging this post, now back to things that really matter….j/k Taylor, gracious goodness stop whinning.

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