I am THAT Mom

So if there were ever any doubt, it is official, I am “THAT” Mom. You know the Mom that tries, and often fails, at overachieving and doing everything humanly possible for herself and her kids. I have made all of bedding, her coming home dress, custom hospital gowns for myself and more than enough Big Sis t-shirts for The Elder A.

So I should have been happy stopping there, yes? Of course not. The other day as I cleaned up my studio (which I should post pics of soon, anywho) I found a stack of those little button Newborn tees that babies wear in the hospital and basically until the cord stump falls off. I have no idea where they cam from but of course they were just BEGGING to be customized. So….yea….more custom stuff for the hospital stay. See “THAT” Mom.

Custom Newborn tee
Another custom tee.

The giraffe thing was started by The Elder A, she has tons and tons of stuffed monkeys and she decided her baby sister should have giraffes as her “thing”. So that explains that.

Oh and why should the kiddos have all the fun?!? Just for good measure Mom and Dad get custom pillow cases, so no one confuses our awesome foam pillows with those things hospitals claim as pillows.

Mommy and Daddy get some swag too!!

Annnnnnnnnnddd, (this may be a Southern thing but) when a baby is born in the hospital we hang a wreath on the door, gender specific and usually with a name and birth details (weight, height, time…..) So of course I am making one of those too, a ribbon wreath with little giraffes (tutorial to come later). Someone save me from myself……please.

Ribbon wreath supplies


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