Sewing for Sisters Day 5 Guest post from no big dill

I could not be more thrilled to have Katy from no big dill here today to wrap up our week-long celebration of sisters. I hope you have enjoyed this week, I certainly have. Sometime in our crazy lives we forget how important family and loved ones are. I think the bond of sisters is one that cannot be compared to any other friendship/relationship. I can’t wait for my 2 girls to grow up together, love each other, protect each other and share what my sister and I have. That unspoken, unbreakable bond only your sister can understand. So thank you for sharing this week with me and stay tuned for news about arrival.

Hello Keeps Me in Stitches readers!  How exciting that Donya will soon be holding her second little girl, right?!  I was pleased that she asked if I would write a post on sisters, because that’s one thing I have a heavy dose of in my life.  

I have 3 sisters myself, all of us so different than each other, but our buffet of variation lends itself to being satiated, that we can appreciate each other for who we are and learn from other’s strengths.  Ann (on the far left) has shown great courage as their first was born with Cystic Fibrosis.  She navigates life with a huge amount of faith I admire and respect.  Ashley (the oldest, in yellow) is one of the most level headed, lowest maintenance people I know.  Jordan (on the far right) loves adventure and the romance of life, and is always making good things happen.

 So, when I had my second daughter, you’d think I would be well aware of the possibility that my two girls would not be clones.  My naivete would soon burst as I discovered that every single addition of our girls would give a new spin on our growing family.  They all had different personalities!  Imagine that.

 We deal with frustrations every single day, but I am trying (oh, how I’m trying!) to appreciate that each of these souls comes as unique as the varieties of flowers on the earth.  They are all beautiful, each adds a pop of color that is sometimes complimented by another and sometimes clashes.  I love it when Clover (the youngest) will say to me, Let’s go pick up my sisters!  I have learned that they each need something different from me.  One just needs me to show excitement about her adventures of the day, another needs me to cuddle with her, and yet another just needs me to involve her in my projects and interests.

It’s all a delicate balancing act that I fail at frequently, but in showing them that I respect them, they in turn show respect to each other.  I ask for forgiveness every single day and pray and hope (and pray some more) that they will turn out to be loving and caring toward each other despite my clumsiness at navigating motherhood.  Some days I see glimpses of the great women they will be, and it gives me hope and appreciation for them.

As far as dressing them?  When I sew for them I don’t like the matchy-matchy dress look, or sewing up the same thing times 5.  I like to choose a few colors and coordinate those instead of using the exact same fabric and pattern for all of them.  For a casual look, I don’t mind them dressing the same.  In fact I think it’s rather endearing when they all emerge from the bedroom in their jeans and matching t-shirts, proud of themselves for some semblance of cooperation among the ranks.  (Plus, it allows their different personalities to shine.)

And when my number 6 makes a debut, whether it be a boy or girl, I am confident that this new little one will be loved fully by his/her sisters.

Thank you so much, Donya for having me here!  Your little girls will be blessed to have each other.

no big dill


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  1. I love your story… I think as mothers we all feel the same way. Just hoping and PRAYING a lot that what we do helps them be the best that they can be as individuals and together.

    I love the pictures too… do dang cute!!!!

  2. Ah… you are all making me to want another baby!!!! I hve 2 brothers and one sister and it’s so great to be a big family… nice writingKaty, and great photos again!

  3. So very sweet. I love to the photos. You make having a big family look so stylish! I’m jealous! (I’m afraid we often look like a bunch of ruffians.)

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