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So this is it. Come Thursday (if not before….Lord how I wish it would be before) I will be holding my brand new baby girl. It has been a long road coming and I will not lie, I am really glad t is about to be over. With The Elder A I never made it this far in the pregnancy, I was induced at 35 weeks due to preeclampsia so this gigantic, miserably uncomfortable stage it new to me…..and not at all fun I must say. But the end result will be worth it when I get to see this face in person.

One of the last things I have made for is a prop for some of her newborn pictures(that we are doing ourselves, Heaven help us). I have seen these little cocoon type things all over Etsy and fancy shmancy baby boutiques ranging from $30-75 to which I say “Oh nay nay, I can make this.” So here is how I used the fabulousness that is Ruffle Fabric and made my own version of an infant cocoon.

This one would run you $68

This one would cost you $50

I started with one of those little swaddle wraps to get the general dimensions. I basically traced around it on freezer paper and used that as my pattern. It ended up being about 20 1/4″ long and 10″ wide, at the widest part, ie the bottom. Easy enough.

Swaddle blanket I used as my template

Cocoon pattern, basically a rounded off tube

Next I took my Ruffle Fabric, you prob need no more than 1/2 yard and cut out the shape from my pattern. Now here comes the hard part….turn the 2 pieces right sides together and sew them up around the sides and bottom. I know….mind blowingly complex but just breathe and you can work through it. Then I turned the top under to make it nice and neat and sewed a tiny topstitch around the top. And that’s it.

Oh how I love ruffles

The finished cocoon

As you can see this is clearly not . I tested it out with one of The Elder A’s baby dolls to see what it might look like. Pretty cute I think. Just imagine a pudgy little newborn face tucked down inside all those ruffle with a sweet little flower in her hair. Can’t wait (so why don’t you come on out now sweet girl and we can play…..eeemmmK)

Testing it on a baby doll

The great thing about this Ruffle Fabric is that if this cocoon ends up a little long all you have to do is fold it under some more and the edge is still nice and finished, even without sewing. I will say this, be sure as you sew it that all the ruffles are laying flat, in the same direction. Otherwise you will sew some up and some down and they will not look good.

I will be sure to post the results of out photo session with this. I am going to make The Elder A a dress out of the rest of the fabric…..someday. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers come Thursday and if you feel so inclined send me any “baby having vibes” you can muster between now and then. Take care all and I will be back soon. Keep it stitchin’


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  1. Well it is Thursday so I am definitely sending you good baby-having vibes. I remember being 38 weeks preg with my twins… I was HUGE (I measured 45 weeks pregnant compared to a single baby pregnancy… can you imagine?!) I hope to make it that long with this pregnancy, but yet not get so big. LOL Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I can’t wait to see newborn pics!

  2. What a great idea! I hope you will share at my party : )


    • Thanks Ashley. as you can see from the post above she was actually born during your linky party. She could sense there was a good party going on so she had to get here 🙂

  3. […] Donya from Keeps Me In Stitches wanted a cocoon wrap for her soon-to-arrive baby girl’s newborn pictures, but didn’t want to spend the $$ to buy one.  Instead, she used ruffle fabric to make one herself.  Genius!  She shares a tutorial telling how she did it.   As baby is still in the womb, there are no pictures of her in the little ruffled cocoon (though Donya promises to post them to her blog as soon as baby arrives and has her photo session).  Get the tutorial. […]

  4. Great little cocoon ruffle! Hang in there – the last few days are the longest I remember!!

    I would love if you came over and linked this project to my weekly Round Tuit party at:
    Have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    • Thanks Jill. As you see from the post up top I was having a bit of a party myself when you posted this……a baby havin’ party!!!!

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