Legal Lou says…

The tutorials, recipes, articles, anything and everything posted on keeps me in stitches is copyrighted and owned by me, Donya, and are not to be used for your own distribution for profit or to pass off as your own ideas. Stealing isn’t pretty and gives you wrinkles, truth.

I am perfectly happy for you to make and use anything you see here for yourself or even give something as a gift, not to be sold or widely distributed. I really do love sharing all these fun, free ideas with you so be kind and don’t take liberties with them. If you have a question about what you can and can’t do/use the material on this site for, just ask. You know I love to talk.

These posts are meant to inspire you to create your own something special. If you like one of my posts or tutorials and would like to feature it on your own blog, that would be amazing, just give credit where credit is due please.

I would love to see what you make of your own ideas or from reading some of mine. That’s what this is all about, getting the creative juices flowing. Happy crafting.



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