Sewing for Sisters Day 3

A break from sewing……

Sibling Photo Inspiration

So today let’s take a step back from the needle and talk about some ideas and inspiration to photograph all these awesome projects we all work so hard on. As you can tell from this post, I like to pretend I know how to use my camera shooting in manual mode. I took a class from my fabulous friend of Click Workshops and she taught me the basics so now I just try not to mess up her fine education.

With A² due any day now I have been wasting hours of time scouring obsessed with Pinterest and finding inspiration for newborn and sibling photo session ideas. Whatever evil genius came up with Pinterest needs to report to my house to tackle the mounds of dirty dishes and laundry piling up due to neglect. The site is so so addicting….worse than Facebook, and that’s saying something people. If you want to follow my boards my Pinterest name is donyarumore (much like my actual name) I would love to follow you in return.

This is a maternity pic my fab friend took for us. See she loves her baby sister already

So this is what I have come up with so far for the sibling poses. I don’t want the same ones you see all the time with big sister kissing the baby or holding the baby….blah blah.

Mila's Daydream by Adele Enerson

I ADORE what Adele Enerson of Mila’s Daydreams has done with these pictures of her sleeping baby girl. She would design these amazing scenes around her sleeping baby, snap some pictures and in the process made newborn photo history. I think I might take inspiration from this photo and have sleeping and The Elder A pretending to style her hair. This would be the most ambitious photo but if we could pull it off it would be really memorable.

There are not words for how much I love this picture

This one I just love. It literally melts my heart. I love the angle, how the older child isn’t really looking at the baby or the camera. It is just a spit second moment of pure love caught on film. You can almost see the older child promising to love and protect her baby sister without the kissy kissy mush in so many new baby photos. This is real people.

so creative

Ok so I know this wouldn’t be for many years to come but can we just stop and admire this for a moment……..
The Elder A has an obsession with having long hair (thanks Disney) so I imagine she will never want to cut it and since little sisters often want nothing more than to be like big sister I will probably have to very long haired little girls. Lucky for me this just might be possible in a few years.

Look at all those ruffles

I am totally infatuated with the idea of a newborn in a doll bed, and come one……what Mom of little girls doesn’t love an over abundance of ruffles every now and then? I would change this up to have The Elder A maybe reading a book to her baby sister or doing the “shush” finger on lips pose over the baby. Plus since I need another reason to order enormous amounts of Ruffle Fabric, this will fit the bill nicely.

So what do you think bloggy buddies? Do you have any inspiration you want to share? I would love to hear ideas, comments, anything.

We will be taking these photos ourselves (pray for me now) since my above mentioned fab friend is also with child and will just not be able to do it. (sad face) So now if this baby would, in the words of The Elder A “get here already” we can put some of these ideas to use.

See why I'm bummed she can't take our pictures....she is amazing

I will post our results, hopefully good ones when we get them edited and prettified. Tomorrow I will show off matching dresses and has anyone guessed my special Friday blogger?!?! It is going to be a not to miss for sure!! Thanks everyone and Happy Stitching.