Mix it up Momma

So I love, love, love Jessica over at Me Sew Crazy. She is just adorable and makes the most fabulous collections for her little girls each season…and at this point doing it all while PREGGERS!! (oh to have that kind of time management skills)

She is currently doing her Pattern Remix series where she encourages us fellow sewtastics (you like that I just made that word up) to take another look at a favorite pattern and mix it up a little. I have been known to remake an old something into a new something “better” so I took her challenge to heart and decided to do some selfish sewing and remake a pattern from another one of my bloggy goddess, Mad Mim. Mim has this amazing pattern for her Turn About the Room dress that I have wanted to do. But one look in my closet will tell you, I need another dress about as much as I need another doughnut…..ooooohh doughnuts. (focus Donya) So what’s an 8 month preggers to do? Whack off the length, get rid of the sleeves and call it D.O.N.E

Ignore the wads of pulled up hair and messy makeup....I told you it is HOT in Bama people.

I had this really fun print but it would have been a bit “much” to do the entire top in so I decided to add a bit of solid white to give the eye a place to rest…a place other than on my ginormous belly. So I took Mim’s awesome pattern and made the bodice solid white, the neck drape in the print and the tunic skirt in the print. Oh and because it is ALREADY 92° in Alabama(it’s early May people, this is not fun) I decided to make the top sleeveless. I used my FABULOUS Mother’s Day present to do a cover stitch around the arm holes and a rolled hem along the bottom.

Umm yea my husband rocks face like that....Happy Mommy Day to me!!!

I think it turned out really cute and it is wonderfully comfy. I am actually planning to take this in my hospital bag to wear home after is born…that is if it isn’t dirty because I wear it ALL the time.

Thanks Jessica for inspiring me to shake it up a little and thanks to Mad Mim for putting these awesome patterns out there for all us Mommies-to-be.

What patterns do you love to remix? Show me what you have been up to bloggy buddies. Go over to Me Sew Crazy and add your creations to the Pattern Remix Flickr group.

Happy Sewing.